I'm Jason Hagerup


Problem Solver

Continual Learner

I will use my skills to help an organization with high standards achieve their goals and communicate with their ideal clients.

Does your company need a problem-solving, creative marketer? Then let's talk.

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Experience & Education


I've run my own business and worked on small teams within larger organizations.

Along the way I've learned the value of a good team and also how to complete self directed projects.


I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Mass Communication.

My focus of study was print journalism and editing.


I served six years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, including one tour in Iraq in 2004-2005.

Skill & Ability

Graphic design

I’m experienced in the Adobe Suite of software. I’ve worked professionally as a graphic designer and am continually creating and learning new things.

Examples of my past work:

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I relish clear and purposeful writing. My degree is in mass communication and print journalism and I strive to utilize those skills when writing or editing copy.

Fun fact: I proof-read and edited all but three of my wife’s papers while she was in grad school, often distilling information down to its basis and helping to keep her within the mandated page limit!

Shoot and edit video

These are promotional videos I've created and produced for clients.

Web design

Creating freelance web projects for others or learning a new skill to scratch my own itch has led me to become fluent in website construction and management.

Whether I’m creating an entire website or just supplying graphics or other assets, it is essential for me to understand web frameworks and what is needed to help them run smoothly.

Websites I built or collaborated on:


Having worked as a professional photographer I understand the process from initial shoot to final edit.

This skill is super valuable to me and has been instrumental in many projects on which I’ve worked.

I've worked in the following areas of photography:

-Headshots & Portraits
-Personal Brand
-Real Estate

Social media

As a collaborator and co-producer of the social media masterclass Social Game Strong Academy I have gained a firm understanding of how to use social platforms.

This course was created to codify and communicate all the best practices we’ve learned about using social media effectively within our business.

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Work Philosophy

Start with purpose

Understanding the end goal, the target audience, and the reason for a mission enables me to do my best work.

Seeking a clear understanding of the “why” behind the work is foundational and leads to better results.

Influential to my thinking on this are Simon Sinek’s books Start With Why and The Infinite Game.

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Always learning

I eagerly research and learn new skills as I need them to complete the projects I’m working on. My ability to learn new things on-demand is my most important skill.


-Learned new web frameworks (Foundation and Bootstrap) for projects I was working on
-Researched and created online form solution for taking graphic design orders while working at City of Waco

Communicate a clear message

There is power in developing a clear and cohesive story and message to communicate to your audience.

I strive to create messaging that is consistent with the goals and narrative of an organization.

Donald Miller’s book Building a StoryBrand has been instrumental to me in my understanding of marketing communication. It is the most actionable business book I have ever read.

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Let's talk about you

You are an organization or business with high standards.

You operate with integrity and serve your clients well.

You value your mission and believe in the work you are doing.

You are looking for more than an employee, but a dedicated partner to join your team and help carry out your mission.

If this is you then let’s start a conversation about working together.

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